About Glolove
Social media specialized for donations

“Glolove” is a social media that make you donate easily while connecting “people who receive donations” (recipient) and “people who donate” (donor) and checking the activity of the recipient.

■ For people who donate (donor)

Since you can search and view the data of "people who receive donations" (recipient), you can understand the activity status of each group and donate after being convinced.

■ For people who receive donations (recipient)

“Glolove” is a social media that can be useful as a public relations activity by being able to visualize the current situation as well as broadening the base for receiving donations.

■ Donation as Lifestyle

In addition, the more you donate, the more you receive donations, your user rank will be better. By adopting the title system called “Badge System”, you will not be trapped by the conventional difficult “donations”, “Glolove” make donations familiar.

mameCoin (MAME)
Crypto currency specialized for donations

In Glolove, you can donate using "mameCoin (MAME)". About "mameCoin (MAME)", please refer to the official site and white paper.

Glolove app

We are developing native app for smartphones (android / ios) with the aim of releasing soon.