Frequently Asked Questions

What is Glolove?

Glolove is social charity communication tool created on the theme of "Money Communication with Love".

About LOVE

Donors can be used as a substitute for "LIKE" to convey feelings to others, for example when moved after seeing the activities sent by the recipient; would like to express condolences to the victims of the disaster; etc. 1 Love is the same as 1 MAME.

Usage fee?

Basically this service can be used free of charge. To give LOVE and donations are needed crypto currency MAME (mameCoin). Aside from buying on exchange, MAME can be obtained through campaigns and events.

What is donor?

Donors can be interpreted as "People who give donations or sponsors". Because everyone can give and receive, in general ordinary users can also be said as donors. By registering as a donor, each type of service at Glolove can be used.

What is recipient?

Recipients can be interpreted as people who receive donations. In general, charitable organizations, volunteers, NPOs, NGOs and others that have been agreed to establish cooperation with our company can be considered as recipients. Registered organizations have responsibility to provide safe environment for donors to contribute by reporting on the use of donations and conditions of activities.

About badge system

Various types of badges can be obtained by completing existing missions.

About Long-term wallet

There will be benefits for long-term wallet holders of MAME (mameCoin). Please be patient because detailed information is being prepared.

Login using 2 Factor Authentication cannot be done if your smartphone is lost, damaged or replaced.

Please contact us using our contact form to release 2 Factor Authentication. After identity verification, we will move on to release process.