Glolove Terms of Service

This terms of service contains items to be protected by users when using the service provided by PT mameCoin Indonesia Berbagi (the "Service"). Please be sure to look through everything before using this site.

Use registration

・The usage agreement between the user and Glolove conforms to Indonesian law and is interpreted according to Indonesian law.
・The user will be deemed to have agreed to these Terms at the time of starting use registration.
・If it is judged that there is false or illegality, we may refuse registration at the judgment of this site.
・When it is judged that there is false or illegality after starting use, we may freeze user or delete user without prior notice.

Manage of login information

・This service uses email address and password for login.
・We also use 2-Factor Authentication for login for higher security.
・Please manage the login information strictly under your responsibility.
・We are not responsible for any damage caused by inadequate management of login information.

Use of this service

Users are responsible for the cost of smartphone and Internet connection necessary for using this service.

Prohibited matter

・Acts infringing on intellectual property rights, portrait rights, other rights or interests of this site
・Acts concerning money laundering
・Purchase and selling of accounts to third parties
・Unauthorized access and unauthorized use of this site
・Acts that interfere with the operation of this site
・Others that our site deems inappropriate
In the event that the user finds that the above prohibited matter has been done, the user may freeze / delete user without prior notice.

Stopping the service

This service can stop all or part of the service without notifying users beforehand.
・Maintenance of this service
・Network failure, server failure
・Inability to operate this service due to force majeure


・This site does not guarantee the price and value of handling cryptocurrencies at all.
・This site is not responsible for any damage caused by using this service.

Change of this terms of service

・This site can freely change the contents of this service.
・This site can freely change this terms of use.
・The user is also deemed to have agreed to the changed terms.